Managing lists

From your dashboard select 'lists', from either the left-hand menu, or by clicking the blue number that appears above 'lists' on the dashboard.

You are then presented with a list of all the lists you have created. 
  • Click 'create new' to create a new list - see: creating a new list article and adding subscribers to your list article
  • Click 'copy' to create a new list - this creates a new list with the subscribers from the list you are copying
  • Click 'update' to manage the list
  • Click 'delete' to delete the list. Note this cannot be undone. 

List overview

From the list view, select the list you want to view and click 'overview'.
From here you can see an overview of the statistics for this list and click to manage subscribers, segments, custom fields, pages, forms and tools for the list. 
  • Subscribers:
    • When you click the blue number (count of subscribers) you are presented with a full list of the subscribers for this list.
    • You can click each individual to view the campaigns sent to them, edit their details, click to unsubscribe them from the list, disable or delete them
    • Use the 'bulk action from source' to perform changes to multiple subscribers to the list eg to bulk subscribe, unsubscribe, disable or delete subscribers. Please note: this is not where you add new subscribers - for list import go to your list overview, followed by Tools box followed by the Import box
      • You can upload a csv fiiloe with a list of the email addresses (from the list) where you want to change the status or
      • You can add a list of emails you want to change in the text box (one per line)
      • Click the action you want to perform on the list and click submit
    • Use the 'create new' to add a new single subscriber on the list - for list import go to your list overview, followed by Tools box followed by the Import box
  • Segments: You can create 'segments' within your lists based upon the fields within your list, and these will then be available for you to select when sending campaigns to this list. ie: you can send to a segment of the list rather than all of it.
    • Give the segment a name
    • Select the field you want to include in the segment
    • Define the 'operator' rules
    • Add the value that must be matched to be added to the segment
  • Custom Fields:  There are a number of fields that are automatically added when a list is created:
    • Email
    • Firstname
    • Lastname
    • Telephone
    • Organisation
    • Town / City
    • In addition, you can add new custom fields to help you manage the data you wish to collect on subscription, or on mail merge within campaigns:
      • Text fields
      • Drop down fields
      • Multi-select fields
      • Date field (date only)
      • Date time field (date and time)
      • Text area field
      • Country field
      • State field
    • Click save to commit your changes
  • Pages: There are a number of 'pages' that help you manage the list in conjunction with your website:
    • Subscribe form - this is the default 'page' that a subscriber sees in order to subscribe to your list
    • Pending subsciption form - if you require a double opt-in - this is the pending subscription page the subscriber will  be sent to - pending them clicking a link in an email to confirm their subscription
    • Subscription confirmed - this is the default message that a subscriber sees after they have subscribed to your list.
      • You can optionally redirect a subscriber to a different page on your website (instead of the default page created by NewZend). To do so, please add the url inot the field 'Instead of the above message, redirect the subscriber to the following url' - and add the number of seconds delay before the subscriber is redirected to this page ('0' is immediate).
    • Update profile - this is  the page a subscriber is directed to if they click the link in your campaign to update their profile
    • Unsubscribe form - this is the page a subscriber is directed to if they click the unsubscribe link 
    • Unsubscribe confirmation - this is the page the subscriber is redirected to 'after'  they have unsubscribed
    • Subscribe confirmation email. If yuo have set the list to send a confirmation email. This is the email confirmation that is sent to them on subscription
    • Unsubscribe email confirmation. If you have set the list to send a confirmation email. This is the email that is sent to the subscriber to confirm their unsubscription
    • Welcome email. This is the welcome email that is sent to the subscriber after they subscribe
    • Subscription confirmed pending approval. If subscription to your list requires approval. This is the page they are redirected to confirming that their subscription is pending approval
    • Subscription confirmation email after approval. This is the email that is sent to the subscriber after their subscription has been approved.
    • All of the above pages / emails are editable, so you can personalise the experience.
  • Forms: If you wish to embed a subscription or unsubscription form into your website, this is where you will find the code. Simply copy and paste it and give it to your web developer for them to add to your website.
  • Tools: This is where you import, export or copy subscribers to your list
    • Import. To import to a list select to import a csv or text file. There are prompts to help you. We recommend using a csv file. Important: The CSV file column names will be used to create the list TAGS, if a tag does not exist, it will be created. Please ensure your file contains the same totle headins as the TAGs for each database field - otherwise you will end up with multiple fields. You can click here to see a csv file example.
    • Export. Click to export a csv file of your subscribers
    • Copy. Click copy to copy all subscribers to another list - or segment of a list
  • Recently sent campaigns:  The default view are the stats for the recently sent campaign. You can select the drop down list (top right of the section) to switch to earlier campaigns.

List Update

From the list view, select the list you want to manage and click 'update'. From here you can manage the settings for the list. 
  • General data - list name, description etc
  • Defaults - the default send-from and reply-to details 
  • Notifications - where subscription / unsubscription email notifications should go - if required
  • Subscriber Actions:
    • On subscription - any additional lists that you would like the subscriber adding to
    • On unsubscription - any additional lists that you would like the subscriber to be unsubscribed from
  • The company details that should appear in the footer of the campaigns sent to this list
  • The address fields (tags) to include. Click the blue text 'tags' to see available fields that you can use.
Click save to commit any changes that you have made
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