Exporting unsubscribed emails

It is important to understand that unsubscriptions are managed at a ‘list’ level. So, unless you set the ‘actions when unsubscribe’ (in your list settings) to also unsubscribe from other lists , a user could be unsubscribed in one list, but appear as subscribed on another list.

To check the status of subscribers you can export 'unsubscribed' emails across all of your lists

From your dashboard…
  • click ‘subscribers’
  • click the blue filter icon (towards the top right)
  • select the status ‘unsubscribed’
  • note the ‘action’ drop down to the right of the status box – select whether to view or export emails (you could also select blacklist – to add them to your black list – this will prevent campaign emails being sent irrespective of the list the address appears in)
  • click submit

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